5 Unusual Games to Play at a Private Dining Event

Most hotels have standards facilities and offer relatively the same services. Daring London hotels have gone a notch higher and made fun part and parcel of their menu. Consecutively, they have included new additions such as gaming facilities in their dining rooms. Below are some of the five unusual games that can now be played at private dining events in London hotels:


When it comes to innovation and creativity, K West Hotel & Spa top the list. It was among the first London hotels to incorporate a genuine 1950s bowling alley in their private dining rooms. To assure their diners of authenticity, the hotel had to import the bowling alley from the U.S. Their bowling alley provides more than just bowling. They also feature two enormous Howard Hodgkins artworks, South African-made sofas and a baby grand piano.


Table tennis is a good option for those who are lighter on their feet as compared to throwing heavy things. Adjacent to the dining rooms, the table tennis space is spacious and provides the perfect setting for the lovers of the game. During dinner events, the entire place is transformed into a Ping-Pong table where diners engage in duets and at times competitions.

Game enthusiast can enjoy waiter services for cocktails, beer, and a bite to eat as they sweat it out at the tables.


Even though snooker and pool may be popular, avid gamers can never have it better than billiards. Those visiting the hotel can flip the antique table and transform it into a billiards table. Such fun games can be enjoyed by those who are not enthusiastic about sitting around and sipping cocktails.

Fifa PlayStation

Beyond fabulous cuisines, K West Hotel and Spa offers some of the best lounges for PlayStation lovers. Guests can eat while at the same time enjoy a plethora of games on the massive double wall projections. The game consoles came with more than 150 games and can host more than eight gamers simultaneously.

Board Games

Board games are the perfect way for dinners to enjoy their evening as they partake of mouth-watering delicacies. Some of the board games available for diners are monopoly and chess.

The Verdict

The above-mentioned games could not have come at a better time among hotels. Indeed, the fun factor in London restaurants can only go up with more gaming amenities in the pipeline.