What are the Pros and Cons of Having a Beach Wedding in Thailand?

A beach wedding in Thailand sounds pretty wonderful, doesn’t it? Let’s explore the pros and cons of this idea together.

Destination weddings are hot right now and a Bangkok wedding is a popular choice. Getting married barefoot on the sand sounds like a dream come true, but before you jump on an aeroplane, consider the following so that you end up with the wedding of your dreams, no matter where you choose to have the ceremony and reception.

Pro – beautiful resorts for hosting the wedding

Whether you and your betrothed are getting married on your own or you’re bringing family and friends with you, you’ll need a place to sleep and hold the event, whether it’s a grand hotel like the Lancaster Bangkok or a small beach hotel in Koh Samui. There are plenty of beautiful resorts that will host your wedding, but be sure you book early because they fill up quickly.

Pro – cut decor costs with the surrounding beauty

When you get married on the beach, you won’t need to spend money on decor. You and your guests can enjoy the stunning ocean views as the backdrop to your vows and the lush scenery can decorate your venue for the meal and dancing.

Con – unpredictable weather can put a damper on things

Mother Nature isn’t always predictable and holding your wedding outdoors on the beach in Thailand could mean dealing with wind, rain or other weather that can stop your wedding or force you indoors. Even a sunny day can be uncomfortable if it gets too hot outside.

Con – lack of privacy opens your event up

If you get married at a public location, like the beach, chances are there will be other people there. You can’t shut down your little portion of the sand so expect other resort guests or beachgoers to be curious about what’s going on where you are.

A beach wedding is a dream come true, provided you know what to expect and plan for everything. Thailand could be the place where you and your beloved start your life together and is sure to create some memories you’ll never forget. A destination wedding requires just as much, if not more, planning as a traditional one so start early and don’t wait until you’re already there to start the preparations. Congratulations on your new wedded life together!