The History of the Royal Artillery Memorial Hyde Park

Located on Hyde Park Corner, the Royal Artillery Memorial was designed by Charles Sargeant Jagger. It features a sculpture of the Ordnance BL 9.2-inch howitzer on a giant plinth of Portland stone. The memorial is 30 feet high, 21 feet wide and 43 feet long. 

Royal Artillery Memorial Hyde Park History – learn about the history of the Royal Artillery Memorial

The Royal Artillery Memorial Hyde Park is a stone that commemorates the soldiers from the Royal Artillery who were killed in World War I. The memorial was unveiled on 18 October 1925 by Price Arthur. Later, dedications were added to this memorial in memory of the Royal Artillerymen killed in World War II. 

In 2011, the Royal Artillery Memorial underwent restoration after years of water ingress and weathering. English Heritage manages this memorial, and it’s a Grade I listed building. It’s famous for its realist distinction with other World War I memorials.

Portland stone cruciform – take pictures with family

The Royal Artillery Memorial Hyde Park features a Portland stone cruciform base that supports a ⅓ over-life size howitzer sculpture, a large canon that Charles based on a gun in the IWM (Imperial War Museum). 

Sculpture of a soldier – visitors get to have a powerful experience

At the end of the arms of the cross, there is a sculpture of a soldier, a driver on the west and a shell carrier positioned on the east. Also, there is an officer in the south and a dead soldier on the north side. The sides of the base have relief sculptures that depict wartimes. Here is a site with more information about the Royal Artillery Memorial Hyde Park:

The Royal Artillery Memorial is a great place for holidaymakers to explore when they visit London. There is also an expansive range of great restaurants near Hyde Park with finger-licking dishes and elegant interiors. 

By Kazimierz Mendlik, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By, CC BY 2.0,


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